Shimadzu LC-2030 Liquid Chromatograph HPLC: Shimadzu’s integrated LC system has been reborn as i-Series Plus. Equipped with ACTO technology for even smoother migration of existing analytical methods, the Nexera-i MT method transfer system allows for easy method transfer between HPLC and UHPLC. Compatible with the method scouting system, method development can now be performed on an integrated LC system. Using i-Series Plus substantially improves method development efficiency, since i-Series Plus can be used to perform method development via rapid UHPLC analysis followed by method migration to HPLC systems at manufacturing departments. The autosampler is also equipped with a simple automated pretreatment function, which is capable of automated sample dilution, reagent addition, and co-injection analysis, to improve the efficiency of sample preparation operations.


Solvent Delivery Units

Part Name
FCV-11AL 228-45048-58 This is the mobile phase selection valve (3 flow lines). An FCV-11AL connection kit is required to connect to an FCV-11AL unit.
FCV-11ALS 228-45049-91 This is the mobile phase selection valve (1 flow line). An FCV-11AL connection kit is required to connect to an FCV-11AL unit.
FCV-11AL Connection Kit 228-56249-41 This kit includes connector cables and other items necessary for connecting FCV-11AL and FCV-11ALS units.
780 μL Mixer Kit 228-57313-41 This parts set includes a mixer and tubing for using TFA or other UV-absorbing substance as a mobile phase.
2 mL Mixer Kit 228-57313-42 This parts set includes a mixer and tubing for using TFA or other UV-absorbing substance as a mobile phase.
Compatible Volume System Kit 228-57796-41  This kit decreases the system volume to 650 μL.
Low Volume System Kit 228-57796-42 This kit decreases the system volume to 460 μL.


Part Name
100 μL Sample Loop 228-56074-42
Optional 500 μL Sample Loop 228-45405-42
Optional 2 mL Sample Loop  228-45405-42
UHPLC Fitting (set of 1) 228-56867-41
UHPLC Fitting (set of 10) 228-56867-43
Sample Rack 228-55735-41
Plate for 1 mL Sample Vials (set of 2) 228-56197-41
Plate for 1.5 mL Sample Vials (set of 2) 228-50830-92
Plate for 4 mL Sample Vials (set of 2) 228-56197-42
Metal plate for 1.5ml Sample Vials (set of 1) 228-61515-42

Column Ovens

Column Clamp ASSY B5 228-15617-91
Column Clamp ASSY B8 228-15617-92
FCV-14AH 228-45014-41
FCV-34AH 228-45185-41
FCV Mounting Kit 228-55765-42
CMD 228-37281-41
CMD Cable 228-39991

UV Detectors

Recycle Valve 228-56808-41
Flow Cell for UV Detectors 228-56167-41
Semi-Micro Cell for UV Detectors 228-45605-46

PDA Detectors

W Lamp ASSY for PDA Detectors 228-57110-41
Flow Cell for PDA Detectors 228-42593-43
High-Speed Cell for PDA Detectors 228-45618-54
Semi-Micro Cell for PDA Detectors 228-45605-47


Shimadzu LC-2030 Liquid Chromatograph HPLC

Contoh konfigurasi 1 set alat HPLC Shimadzu


228-65800-48 LC-2030 Plus(-48) Integrated High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph, 230 V qty 1 Unit
228-65810-48 Special Accessory I for LC-2030 Plus 230V qty 1 Pcs
226-54110-31 1.5 ml Screw-Thread clear vial with septa 100/pk qty 2 Pcs
DLI-DES1005A Hub Link, D-Link – 5-Port 10/100 Switch DES-1005A with Ethernet Cable qty 1 Unit


227-30105-08 column shimpack GIS C18 Length 250mm x ID 4.0mm x 5um qty 1 Pcs


955-51300-04 Lab Solution Software for LC/GC Connect CS  qty 1 Pcs
223-19199-51 LABDB_EL, S-LC qty 1 Pcs


HEW-Y6P09AA HP LED Monitor 21.5″ qty 1 Pcs
HEW-1RY23PAi54GB1TB Desktop, PC HP 280 G4 MT i5 4GB 1TB Win 10 Pro 64 qty 1 Unit
EPS-C11CD76402 Epson L120 Inkjet Printer qty 1 Pcs
PRO-PRO903WS Prolink Online UPS 3 KVA, 220 V/1 Phase/50 Hz, Profesional Series qty 1 Pcs
226-59101-01 Get Started Kit for Prominence qty 1 Unit





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