Fungilab Viscolead ONE Viscometer

Fungilab Viscolead ONE Viscometer

The BASIC instruments, which offer the best efficiency and reliability, are designed for a solid output and a consistent experience being very easy to use. Equipped for a flexible functionality, these “viscosimeters


Fungilab Viscolead ONE Viscometer

Fungilab Quality + low cost= Viscolead Serie

Viscolead One

Measuring of advanced viscosity. Easy to use. 2 years of garantee

Main Features Fungilab Viscolead ONE Viscometer

Selected speedrpm
Selected spindleSP
Viscosity readingcP (mPa·s)
Percentatge of full scale%
Sampling temperatureºC or ºF
Dynamic viscositycP or mPa·s
Units Converterfrom SI to CGS
AUTO-TEST with visual and resonant alarm
AUTO-RANGE function
User calibration viscosity enabled
10 language options


AISI 316 Stainless steel spindle, easily to identify according to its letter and number, in terms of the range of viscosity. Our units fulfills the next standards: These are the standards our units follow: BS: 6075, 5350

  • BS: 6075, 5350
  • ISO:2555,1652
  • ASTM: 115, 789, 1076, 1084, 1286, 1417, 1439, 1638, 1824, 2196, 2336, 2364, 2393, 2556, 2669, 2849, 2983, 2994, 3232, 3236, 3716

Standard delivery

  • The equipement is supplied complete with standard spindles
    • 4 spindles for L model
    • 6 spindles for R and H models
  • Viscometer stand
  • Spindle protector
  • Carring case
Precision: +/- 1% full scale of range
Resolution: For a minus viscosity of 10.000 cP : 0.1 cP For a major viscosity of 10.000 cP : 1 cP With the low viscosity adapter (LCP-LCP/B) : 0.01cP
Repeatability: 0.2%
Supplied at 110-240VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Informasi Tambahan

Berat40 kg


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