World-Class High Sensitivity

Double-Beam Optics and Stable Hardware Achieve Superior Stability

Shimadzu AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer: incorporates newly developed 3D double-beam optics. The optical system has been designed to produce its maximum performance for each measurement method through optimal adjustment of the light beam and light beam digital filter, and by using optical components that restrict light losses.

Achieves World-Class Lower Limits of Detection

Advances in optics and a new graphite furnace design achieve improved lower limits of detection for furnace analysis (comparison with previous Shimadzu models). This superb analysis performance is possible in all fields.

Advanced Safety Technology

Safety is an extremely important consideration for flame atomic absorption spectrophotometers using acetylene gas. The AA-7000 Series instruments are the first* ones in the world fitted with a vibration sensor as standard. They also incorporate a comprehensive range of safety mechanisms, including gas leak detectors.
* Shimadzu in-house investigation. Current as of November 2008.

System Configuration can Evolve with Your Needs

When attached to the AA-7000F, the optional AAC-7000 Auto Atomizer Changer* creates an integral burner and furnace that remains permanently installed in the combustion chamber. It supports both flame analysis of high-concentration samples and furnace analysis of trace samples, without changing the atomizer unit. The integral construction with the atomizer saves space.
* The AAC-7000 cannot be attached to an AA-7000G instrument.

System Configuration can Evolve with Your Needs

The AA-7000 Series can be upgraded by adding units to allow the system to handle the analysis targets, and it supports a wide range of analysis applications.

AA-7000 Series

Application Field

Shimadzu AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Seawater, river water, effluent, sludge, air-borne dust

Metals, Semiconductors, Ceramics
Metals, minerals, glass, ceramics, IC chips

Petroleum, Chemicals, Polymers
Petroleum, oil, catalysts, chemical products, biodiesel

Medical, Biology, Pharmaceuticals
Blood, animals, plants, drugs, food products

*1 Auto burner system

Burner height can be controlled with a PC by using the flame model AA-7000F and the auto atomizer changer AAC.

*2 Dual atomizer system

An integral burner and a furnace are installed in the combustion chamber. Bothersome exchange of the atomizer part and the removal of pipes and wiring are not required. A newly developed drive mechanism shortens flame / furnace measurement switching time to 1/2 compared with our conventional products.

Upgrade from furnace model

Shimadzu AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Contoh konfigurasi 1 set alat AAS Shimadzu

AA-7000 Flame Analysis

206-77000-58 AA-7000F 230V qty 1 Unit
206-77530-91 HIGH-TEMP.BURNER HEAD ASSY qty 1 Pcs
SWA-DR17522L Oil-Less Air Compressor, Piston Type, 1 HP, 22 L, 120 l/ min Disp. qty 1 Unit
206-52458-91 MIST SEPARATOR KIT, AA qty 1 Pcs
SII-C2H2HP40LWC Acetylene Gas, C2H2, HP 99%, 40L Welded Steel, With Cylinder qty 1 Pcs
YAM-YR71ACE Acetylene Gas Pressure Regulator, C2H2, Single Stage qty 1 Pcs
TIR-N2OHP40LWC Nitrous Oxide Gas, N2O, HP 99.5 %, 47L Seamless Steel, With Cylinder qty 1 Pcs
040-72019-11 REGULATOR,MAF-85S/N2O qty 1 Pcs
TIR-ARUHP50LWC Argon Gas, Ar, UHP 99,9995%, 47L Seamless Steel, With Cylinder qty 1 Pcs
CON-202336267BO3AR Argon Pressure Regulator, Ar, Single Stage qty 1 Pcs

FEH-SS404025 Fume Extraction Hood for AAS, 40x40x25 cm; Spigot dia. 125 mm, Include Accessories qty 1 Unit
AFN-CFJF150 Centrifugal Blower for AAS, CF-JF150 (1000 CMH) qty 1 Unit
AFD-10125 Alumunium Flexible Ducting, New Metaflex 5″, for AAS, 10 m, 125 mm qty 1 Pcs
DJL-SGTK Shimadzu General Tool Kits, qty 1 Pcs
DEL-7070i58GB2TB Desktop, PC Dell OptiPlex 7070 (i5/8GB/2TB/Win10Pro) qty 1 Unit
DEL-E1914H Dell LED Monitor 18.5″ qty 1 Pcs
EPS-C11CD76402 Epson L120 Inkjet Printer qty 1 Pcs
PRO-PRO910WS Prolink Online UPS 10KVA, 220 V/1 Phase/ 50 Hz, Proffesional Series qty 1 Pcs


206-17143-58 HVG-1 230V qty 1 Pcs
208-90038-08 PUMP TUBING,08 qty 1 Pcs
208-90038-13 PUMP TUBING,13 qty 1 Pcs
MER-1063710100 Sodium Borohydrate, NaBH4, 100 gr qty 1 Pcs

HCL Lamps & Standards

SOT-AK0001-0CU Copper, Cu (L233-29NB) qty 1 Pcs
MER-1197860500 Copper Standard Solution, 1000 mg/l Cu, 500 mL. qty 1 Pcs
SOT-AK0001-0PB Lead, Pb (L233-82NQ) qty 1 Pcs
MER-1197760500 Lead Standard Solution, 1000 mg/l Pb, 500 mL qty 1 Pcs
SOT-AK0001-0HG Mercury, Hg (L233-80NU) qty 1 Pcs
MER-1702260500 Mercury Standard Solution, 1000 mg/l Hg, 500 mL qty 1 Pcs
SOT-AK0001-0AS Arsenic, As (L233-33NB) qty 1 Pcs
MER-1197730500 Arsenic Standard Solution, 1000 mg/l As, 500 mL qty 1 Pcs


CEM-MARS1AAICP Microwave Reaction System, MARS One For AAS/ICP sample preparation system qty 1 Unit



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