Interscience Manual Colony Counter Scan 100

Interscience Manual Colony Counter

Great ergonomics

Ref 435 000

<span lang='fr'>435001 Loupe option</span>

Magnifying lens
Ref 435 001

Scan 100 enables the accurate counting of colonies on any type of media. The integrated USB key enables to export the results to guarantee traceability.

  • Counting on Petri dishes (Ø 55 to 150 mm), PetriFilmTM, MC-media PadsTM, Compact DryTM, filtration membranes
  • White LED lighting with adjustable intensity
  • Data export via USB, LIMS, ExcelTM

Compatible with all types of media

Scan 100 is a manual colony counter suitable for all types of media: Petri dishes (Ø 55, 65, 90 and 150 mm), PetriFilmTM, MC-Media PadsTM, filtration membranes… The counting is done by simple touch, and then recorded. You can count from 0 to 1998 CFU.

Colony counting - en masse and surface

Surface and pour plate

Colony counting - Spiral


 Colony counting - Circle




Colony counting - PetriFilm

Compact DryTM
MC-Media PadsTM

 Colony counting - Filtration membranes

Filtration membranes

Colony Counting - 150 mm diameter
Ø 55, 65, 90 and 150 mm

Dark Field: the best lighting for accuracy

INTERSCIENCE has designed a long-lasting white LED lighting system. Their design in a circle allows optimized contrast and highlights each colony for a accurate and fast counting. The brightness is adjustable.

Scan 100 - Dark-field lighting

Dark Field Technology

The light does not diffuse itself.
The indirect lighting is preciss and the contrast is optimal.

Colonies are easy to count. There is no eye fatigue for the operator.

Scan 100 - Dark-field lighting

Touch surface with adjustable sensitivity

Counting with Scan 100 is intuitive: count the colonies on your dish, the touch pulse is doubled by a beeping sound. Sensitivity is adjustable via the “sensitivity” wheel.


Great ergonomics

The inclined reading plane and hand rest ensure comfort during the count. An integrated storage space is provided for the counting grids. Scan 100 is compatible with all types of pens or markers.

<span lang='EN'>Scan 100 - Ergonomics</span>

<span lang='EN'>Traceability - LIMS</span>

Traceability -USB

Traceability - Excel


Save time by exporting via USB, LIMS, ExcelTM the data recorded during the count. This will prevent errors in rewriting results.


Scan automatic colony counters have 3-YEAR warranty (parts and labour) just by sending the warranty card back.

Logo Garantie 3 ans EN


The Scan 100 colony counter is used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.

Application - Food

Application - Environmental

Application - Pharmaceutical

Application - Cosmetics

Applications - Veterinary

Application - Public research


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