Biochrom Microplate ELISA Reader: Galapagos for EZ Read Software makes ‘Click and drag’ approach makes usability a key feature.
 Easy to create new methods.
 Select only the data you want for data reporting
 So easy you won’t need to export your data into Excel.
 Windows 7 & 8 compatibility as well as older Windows OS from XP.
EZ Read 800 ELISA
 <5sec measurement of 96-well plate
 Measures flat, round and v-bottomed 96-well microplates with standard ANSI SBS footprints are measured
 Accurate measurements ensured by automatic lamp calibration prior to each reading
 Shaking for well homogeneity
USB 2.0 PC connection


Technical Specification Biochrom Microplate ELISA Reader

Lamp Source: Tungsten Halogen Measurement Range 0-4.0 OD
Reproducibility/Precision: 0.5% 0.1-2.5 OD

Accuracy: 1% from 0.100-2.5 OD
Standard Filters: 405, 450, 492 and 620nm for ELISA reader; 405, 450, 492, 562, 595 and 620 for Research reader Wavelength Selection: Filters
Wavelength Range: 400-750nm

Plate Types: flat, round and v-bottomed 96-well plates
Data Output: Export to PC

Detection System: 8 silicon photodiodes
Reading Speed: <5 seconds Software Galapagos Software
Shaking: 4 speed standard

Temperature Control: None
Linearity: 0.25% and 0.0025 OD from 0.1 -2.5 OD at 492 nm

Computer Interface: USB 2.0
Optical System: Filters

Power Requirement: 90-250V, 50/60 Hz, 80VA
Validation: Optional Asys Check plate with WINQC software

Wavelength Reproducibility (+/-)
Wavelength Accuracy (+/-)
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 360x515x315 mm
Weight: 10.4 kg Mode of Operation PC Control
Analysis Software: Galapagos Software


80-4002-01 EZ Read 800 Research Microplate Reader
SG010160 Quality Control Plate with WinQC software


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