Tintometer Model F: Visual Colorimeter for Lovibond® RYBN Scale
The Model F is a visual colorimeter designed to optimise the use of Lovibond® glass filters in order to express colour in terms of Lovibond® Red, Yellow, Blue and Neutral.

  • Two Adjacent Fields of View
    It is arranged with two adjacent fields of view, seen through the viewing tube, so that the product in the sample field and a white reflective surface in the comparison field are observed side by side, suitably illuminated.
  • Easy Colour Comparison
    The Lovibond® glasses are introduced into the comparison field by a simple system of sliding racks, allowing you to compare the colour of light which is either transmitted through, or reflected from, the sample. The racks are varied until a visual colour match is found for the light from the sample and its colour can then be expressed in Lovibond® units.
  • Excellent Colour Matching
    A series of neutral glasses in racks is also supplied; these can be introduced into the sample field to ‘dull’ the colour of products which are too bright to obtain a good colour match using Lovibond® Red, Yellow or Blue glasses. The racks allow a visual colour match to be found from the light from the sample and its colour can then be expressed in Lovibond® units.


  • Assured Accuracy of Lovibond® RYBN Colour
    Lovibond® Tintometer® is the only company that can guarantee accurate, validated Lovibond® RYBN Colour readings.
  • Easy Maintenance for Optimum Performance
    The Lovibond® Tintometer is a precision optical instrument which should be kept clean to preserve its accuracy, even in the harsh operating conditions often encountered. This is why the Model F has been designed to allow easy cleaning and maintenance with the minimum of cost and effort. The instrument includes a white plastic liner in the sample chamber which can be removed for cleaning if a spillage takes place. It can be replaced at intervals to maintain the whiteness of the interior, an essential feature for accurate colour matching.
    Separate filters in the racks also simplify cleaning and allow replacement of single glasses (as opposed to complete racks) if required.
  • Application Versatility
    The Model F is an easy-to-use instrument with versatile application in colour measurement of products which transmit light as well as opaque solids, powders and pastes (an optional ‘solid’ sample accessory pack may be required for colour grading of light-reflecting products).
  • Compliance to International Standards
    It is available in slightly varying formats to meet the requirements of different applications and the national and international standardising bodies which specify the instrument in their official methods for colour measurement.

Specification Tintometer Model F

Applicable StandardAOCS Cc 13e-92
AOCS Cc 13j-97
ISO 15305
Colour TypeTransparent
Path LengthUp to 153 mm (6”)
Instrument HousingFabricates sheet steel with a tough, textured paint finish
IlluminantsApproximates to daylight
Dimensions330 x 230 x 410 mm
Weight8.3 kg
TitleScale Path LengthScale RangeScale ResolutionMark as favourite
Lovibond® RYBN Colour1/16″ – 6″0 – 79.9 R, 0 – 79.9 Y, 0 – 39.9 B, 0 – 3.9 N0.1 units
A Guide to Path Length by Colour Scale
Kreis Value1/16″ – 6″0 – 5 R0.1 unit



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