Hanna pH/TDS/Temperature Meter HI991404: Berikut adalah penjelasan feature-feature, fungsi, dan spesifikasi teknis alat tersebut.

Alat ini desain untuk memonitor pH, TDS (0 to 2000 ppm) or EC (0 to 3999 µS/cm) dan temperature. This microprocessor based meter feature a large, dual level, backlit LCD to give instantaneous readings of pH, EC or TDS and temperature. Optimized for hydroponic and greenhouse applications, the meter housing and cable connections have been sealed against vapor and humidity and all the necessary measuring probes are supplied with purchase.

Berikut adalah tiga point utamanya:

  • Waterproof
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Large, backlit LCD screens for easy reading


The HI991404 is a simple way to measure pH, TDS (0 to 2000 ppm) or EC (0 to 3999 µS/cm) and temperature. Installation is easy; simply hang the meter right above the sample to be tested for continuous measurement, plug the instrument to the mains, immerse the probes and the unit will run without interruption on 12 VDC power supply. The large, dual-display LCD screens show pH, TDS or EC and temperature readings simultaneously. Designed for use in greenhouses and horticultural applications, this meter is waterproof and protected against the ingress of dust and particles.


The meter is supplied with a HI1293D pre-amplified pH electrode with a PEI body and DIN connector. Amplifier for the pH electrode prevents interference from humidity and sources of electrical noise include circulating pumps, motors, and ballasts for grow lights. Polyethylenimine (PEI) protective body protects against most aggressive chemicals as seen in fertilizer solutions with high concentrations of phosphate and nitrate.

Dan Selanjutnya…

The fixed conductivity probe, HI7630 2-pin amperometric features a built-in temperature sensor, 2m (6.6’) cable and protective sleeve to resist most aggressive chemicals.Calibration and temperature compensation are automatic, while the EC/TDS conversion factor and temperature coefficient (β) are user adjustable for application specific measurements. Additionally, both the HI1293D pH electrode and HI7630 conductivity probe have been molded with pipe thread (1/2’’ NPT), which allows the user to attach them to an in-line system.

Features at a Glance

Layar LCD yang luas dan dua level

    • Easily see pH, TDS or EC and temperature readings even in low light

Otomatis satu atau dua poin kalibrasi

    • Automatically calibrate to 1 or 2 points with auto-buffer recognition

ATC atau Automatic Temperature Compensation

  • Samples automatically compensated for temperature variations

TDS Faktor yang dapat menyesuaikan

  • TDS factor adjustable from 0.45 to 1.00 for application specific measurements

Berikut adalah tabel spesifikasi teknis:

SPESIFIKASI TEKNIS: Hanna pH/TDS/Temperature Meter HI991404

pH Range0.0 to 14.0 pH
pH Resolution0.1 pH
pH Accuracy±0.1 pH
pH CalibrationAutomatic, 1 or 2 point with auto-buffer recognition
EC Range0 to 3999 µS/cm
EC Resolution1 µS/cm
EC Accuracy±2% F.S.
EC CalibrationAutomatic, 1 point at 1413 µS/cm
TDS Range0 to 2000 ppm
TDS Resolution1 ppm
TDS Accuracy±2% F.S.
TDS CalibrationAutomatic, 1 point at 1382 ppm
EC/TDS Temperature CompensationAutomatic, with β adjustable from 0.0 to 2.4%/ºC
EC to TDS Conversion FactorAdjustable from 0.45 to 1.00 (CONV)
Temperature Range0.0 to 60.0°C / 32.0 to 122.0°F
Temperature Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F
pH ElectrodeHI 1293D pH electrode (included)
EC/TDS ProbeHI 7630 conductivity probe (fixed)
Power Supply12 VDC adapter (included)
Environment0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF); RH max 95% non-condensing
Dimensions160 x 105 x 31 mm (6.2×4.1×1.2’’)
Weight190 g (6.7 oz.)
Ordering InformationHI991404 is supplied with HI1293D pH electrode, HI7630 fixed EC probe, pH 4 sachet (20 mL) (1), pH 7 buffer sachet (20 mL) (1), 1413 µS/cm calibration solution (20 mL) (1), HI700661 cleaning solution sachet (2), 12 VDC power adapter and instruction manual.


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