Eppendorf Pipette Carousel 2: Carries up to six manual single or multi-channel Eppendorf pipettes

  • Includes rotatable stand with completely new design that holds all current manual pipettes including Eppendorf Research®, Research® plus, Reference®, Reference® 2 or Biomaster® and most of their predecessors
  • Pipette holders are interchangeable, no tools required
  • Robust design that securely holds and protects pipettes
  • Handle for easy transport from bench to bench
  • When used with optional pipette holder, the carousel can carry the Multipette®

Product Information

The Eppendorf pipette holder system provides safe and convenient storage. As all pipettes are positioned upright, their nose cone does not touch the lab bench reducing the risk of damage and cross contamination. The carousels provide easy access to the pipette of your choice and have a robust design with a small footprint. They can hold up to six liquid handling instruments. The stands carry one electronic pipette or Multipette. Carousels and stands are available with and without charging functionality. The wall mount devices store one manual or electronic pipette or Multipette.


  • New Eppendorf Pipette Holder System stores all current manual and electronic Eppendorf pipettes (including the Multipette) and most of their predecessors
  • Charger carousel with intelligent charging electronics and increased capacity for up to six instruments
  • Rotatable holder with completely new design for all manual pipettes including Eppendorf Research®, Research® plus, Reference®, Reference® 2 and Biomaster®
  • Carousels and stands with interchangeable pipette holders and charger shells, no tools required
  • Large rubber feet protect carousels and stands from liquids spilled on bench top
  • Pictograms on all charger shells and pipette holders for clear assignment in the lab


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