Electrothermal MQ3822 Macro Kjeldahl Extraction

The Macro-Kjeldahl Extraction equipment has been designed for Kjeldahl extraction on a macro scale to determine the protein content of food.

No. of positons: 2

Capacity per position: 100 to 300 ml

Max. Temperature: 800°C

Dimensions (D x W x H): 26.0 x 32.0 x 16.5cm



Electrothermal MQ3822 Macro Kjeldahl Extraction: These multibank units with either 2 or 6 recesses, have a stainless steel outer casing with back-mounted brackets (supplied with each unit), which can hold support rods of 12.7mm diamter max. There are 2 volume sizes available for both the 2 and 6 recess models, one for 100 – 300ml vessels and the second for 500 – 800ml vessels.

Each heating mantle has its own energy regulator incorporating an On/Off switch and a “Mains to Heater” amber neon indicator. There is also a “Mains On” clear neon indicator on the front panel.

The lower part of the unit houses dedicated controllers for each recess. This “cool zone” housing is separated from the heating elements by a stainless steel screen and a well-ventilated air space. The heating element consists of thermally insulated element wire stitched into a cartridge, and operates up to a maximum element temperature range of 550°C to 800°C.

All MQ Macro-Kjeldahl Equipment models incorporate an earth screen to protect the user from electric shocks and are double-fused for extra safety (except for the MQ3868B/E which is only available as the 230V model as it is wired in directly). The rugged stainless steel outer casing is durable and easy to clean.

Key Features
• Rugged, easy to clean stainless-steel construction
• Back-mounted brackets hold flask support rods (supplied with each unit)
• Choice of 2 or 6 positions
• Choice of 2 flask capacity sizes: 100 – 300ml and 500 – 800ml for both the 2 and 6 position models
• Operates up to a maximum element temperature range of 550°C to 800°C
• Dedicated controllers for each recess are housed in a “cool zone”
• Grounded stainless steel earth screen covering the heating element
• Units are double fused for added safety (except for the MQ3868B/E which is only available as the 230V model as it is wired in directly)

Please note that glassware is not included

Technical Specification Electrothermal MQ3822 Macro Kjeldahl Extraction

Element temperature range550°C to 800°C maximum
Case materialStainless steel
Thermal insulationCeramic fibre/ mineral wool
Clamps for support rodsFitted with adjustable clamps to accept the standard arms supplied
Wells capacity, ml100 – 300
Wells dimensions,(dia x depth) mm89 x 45
Wells capacity, ml500 – 800
Wells dimensions,(dia x depth) mm117 x 59

Informasi Tambahan

Berat4 kg


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