NIKON Eclipse Ci-L TRINOCULAR MICROSCOPE Berikut feature-feature dan spesifikasi nya:


– Microscope with space-saving compact design (small footprint)
– Optical system: CF160 Infinity Optical System
– Magnification: 40 – 1000 x
– Eco-Illumination: High luminescent white LED illuminator with Fly eye lens is a low power consumption eco-friendly light source
Reducing lamp replacement with a long-life LED for 60,000 hours operation
– LED illuminator offers low-heat generation & provides the same color temperature in every magnification
– Eyepiece: 10 x (F.O.V : 25mm /0.9 in)
– Coaxial Coarse/Fine focusing: Focusing stroke: 30mm, Coarse: 9.33mm/rotation,
Fine: 0.1mm/rotation, Minimum reading: 1um
Coarse motion torque adjustable
– Eyepiece tube: Trinocular Tube “T” 3 way, Eyepiece : Port 100:0 /20:80 /0:100
– Nosepiece: Sextuple nosepiece fixed on main body
– Ceramic-coated Stage with specimen holder for 2 slides opens to the left, coarse motion torque adjustable
Cross travel: 78x54mm (X-Y), with vernier calibrations, stage handle height and torque adjustable

– Stage handle with height adjustment for smooth stage movement in a comfortable hand position.
– Condenser focusing stroke: 27 mm
– Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A. 0.90
– Built-in Image capture button: One simple click of the button during observation enables to capture specimen
image with the Digital Sight camera.
– Available option for more comfortable operation are Ergonomic binocular tube (angle up to 30 degree & extention
up to 40mm are adjustable), eyelevel riser to increase multiusers flexiblity, nosepiece spacer for lower stage positioning

– Intermediate option: Epi-Fluorescence illuminator (4 filter blocks mountable),
Magnification Module, Eye-level riser, Double port, Teaching head for 2, 3, or 5 persons
– Observation method: Brightfield (upgradeable to Epi-fluorescence, Darkfield, Phase contrast,
Simple polarizing, sensitive color polarizing)
– Power Consumption: 6 Watt


Ci-L Main Body for right side stage, Capture button, fixed diffuser, field diaphragm, adjusting
tools (1 piece), Dual Coarse/Fine focusing with re-focusing mechanism & torque adjustment.
Built-in lamphouse for white LED illumination
C-CSR Right Handle Ceramic Stage
C-H2L Specimen Holder 2L for Ceramic Stage
C-TT Trinocular Tube T (for F.O.V 22mm/25mm, observation/photo: 100:0, 20:80, 0:100)
Eyepiece Lens CFI UW 10X (F.O.V. 25mm) 2pcs
C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD
Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A. 0.90
CFI Plan Achromat 4X, N.A. 0.10, W.D. 30.0 mm
CFI Plan Achromat 10X, N.A. 0.25, W.D. 10.5 mm
CFI Plan Achromat 20X, N.A. 0.40, W.D. 1.2 mm
CFI Plan Achromat 40X, N.A. 0.65, W.D. 0.56 mm, Spring-loaded
CFI Plan Achromat 100X Oil, N.A. 1.25, W.D. 0.20 mm, Spring-loaded
Immersion oil N, 8cc
Power cord
Dust cover
Anti Mould agent
C-CTC Camera Trigger Cable U3/L3


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