Excellent cost performance
A forced cooling unit is installed as standard. It achieves excellent cost performance while having high basic performance.There are two effective capacities, 85 L and 110 L
Forced cooling unit
After sterilization, the chamber pressure is lowered by forced cooling unit to shorten the time to unloading.
Electro-mechanical lid lock system
The lid can be opened and closed easily and reliably with the one-touch lever.
A pressure seal method is used as a safety measure.
Dual interlock mechanism
The lid is locked by dually detecting the chamber pressure and chamber temperature during operation.
The lock state is maintained even if an operation is manually interrupted.
Pulse Exhaust function
Fine Exhaust is performed by automatically adjusting the instantaneous Exhaust intervals according to the chamber pressure.
Memory function
Set contents can be registered for each mode.
Warming function that does not coagulate the agar media
After sterilization, the agar media is kept warm to prevent it from coagulating.

■ Specifications Hirayama Autoclave HVA-85 dan HVA-110

Product nameHICLAVE HVA series
Effective capacity85L110L
Chamber size (φ x H mm)420 x 615420 x 795
Operation mode3 modes (LIQUID with warming, LIQUID without warming, SOLID)
setting range
Sterilization105~135℃ Variable
Warming45~80℃ Variable
Lid lock97℃, fixed
Time setting
Sterilization1-250 min, Remaining time is displayed
Warming20 hours, fixed
Air removal4 min, fixed
Cooling setting3 levels (Natural cooling, Pulse cooling, Forced cooling)
Maximum working pressure0.255MPa
ThermometerDigital display5~137℃
Pressure gaugeDigital display 0~0.3MPa / Analog display 0~0.4MPa
Safety devicesPressure safety valve, Over-current and earth leakage breaker, Low water cut off device
Alarms, error displayLow water heating, Temperature sensor wire disconnection, Over-temperature, Over-cool, Over-pressure,
Abnormality in lid opening/closing lever lock
Outside dimensions (W x D x H mm)667 x 652 x 1011667 x 652 x 1191
Weight (Approximately)78 kg85 kg
Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vessel
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)
Power supplyAC220V / 230V / 240V, 50/60Hz
(Speciy voltage when ordering)
Required power supply facility3.0kW4.0kW
Power connection
(Cord length)
Ring terminal (3 m)
Supplied accessoriesStainless steel wire baskets, Bottom plate, Drainage hose, Exhaust hose, Exhaust bottle, Drain recovery bottle, Cable tie, Caster stopper (2)


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